Zillow: The Journey

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Project Summary:

I worked remotely with the Blacksmith VFX team, plus freelancers across three continents, on this spot.  We did rig tests, character and creature animation tests, previs, and shot setups for this project.  In addition to the main 2 creatures, the plants, rocks, backpacks, and background elements were all animated.  The creatures were shot in live action with people dressed in bodysuitspua and we replaced the faces and arms with CG animated elements.

This spot won best CGI, Compositing, VFX, and Best of Show awards at the 2021 AICP Post Awards.


Director: Martin de Thurah
Lead Compositor: Ben Kwok
CG Leads: Olivier Varteressian, Tuna Unalan
VFX Supervisor: Tom Bussell, Sam Hencher
Compositors: Andrew Emmerson, Eric Sibley, Iwan Zwarts, Jacob Slutsky, Molly Intersimone, Robert Bruce, Yebin Ahn, Hannah Wilk, Danny Morris
CG Rigging: Ohad Bracha, Ruben Fuentes
CG Animation: Jordi Pallas, Magin Marques, Paul Wei, Sam Crees
CG FX: Kushal Das, Rick Walia
CG Team: David Martin, Krista Albert, Sylvia Apostol
Concept Artist: Victor Hugo Harmatiuk
Producer: Ashley Goodwin
Executive Producer: Charlotte Arnold

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