Xiidra: Carol of the Bells

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Drive Dry Eye Away

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Not Today

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Project Summary (Carol of the Bells):

I worked with Jabimation Studios and animated on this fun Christmas spot with Doug Litos and Heather Yun.  Jordan Blit was our animation supervisor.

Project Summary (Drive Dry Eye Away):

I  worked with Jabimation Studios and Nathan Love and was in charge of repurposing and revising the original animation to create this second spot in the Xiidra series. 


Project Summary (Not Today):

I worked with the very talented artists at Nathan Love on this fun spot for dry eyes.  It had a pretty tight deadline, but I had a lot of fun and learned a few new tricks from working with some veteran animators.


Production Company: Nathan Love

Agency: Arnold Worldwide

Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara

Executive Creative Director: Joe Burrascano

Producer: Allison Robinson

Director: Anca Risca

Art Director: Tim Probert

Design: Tim Probert, Asher Horowitz, Sam Feske, Jesse Aclin

CG Lead: Michael Marsek

Character Modeling & Shading: Pedro Conti

Hair & Groom: Jin Fang Jiang

Hair Simulation: Jordan Blit

Environment Modeling & Shading: Michael Marsek, Laney Lai, Pedro Conti

Rigging: Rijah Kazuo

Animation Lead: Jordan Blit

Animation:  Doug Litos, Paul Wei

Lighting Lead: Mirelle Underwood

Lighting: Laney Lai, Michael Marsek, Jin Fang Jiang

Motion Graphics: Sam Feske

Compositing: Jeff Dragon, Matt DeFranco

Editing: Sam Feske

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