Nickelodeon Movie Intro

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Project Summary:

I worked on the previs, layout, camera, character, and background animation for Nickelodeon’s new cinematic movie intro that plays in theaters before all of their latest feature films.  It was a small but very talented team at Nathan Love.  It stars Spongebob Square Pants.


Production Company: Nathan Love

Executive Creative Director: Joe Burrascano

Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara

Producer: Allison Ribinson

Director: Ellen Su

Storyboards: Tim Probert, Asher Horowitz

Animatic: Asher Horowitz

Design: Daniel Clarke, Tim Probert

Matte Painting: Simo De Salvatore

CG Lead: Jin Fang Jaing

Rigging: Rijah Kazuo

Modeling: Pedro Conti, Bogdan Mihajlovic, Polly McGuire, Laney Lai

3D Animation: Paul Wei

Additional 3D Animation: Jordan Blit

Shading: Jin Fang Jiang, Pedro Conti, Kevin Lu, Bogdan Mihajlovic

Lighting: Jin Fang Jiang, Kevin Lu

2D FX: Malcolm Wope, Rob Kohr

Houdini FX: Josh Clos

Compositing: Jeff Dragon

Rendering Support: Aardman Animation

Producer: Sami Goddard

CG Supervisor: Ben Toogood

CG Lead: Rich Spence

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