Into the Flame

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Project Summary:

I rigged and animated the CG moth and Mothman head for this Hue & Cry short film.  It ended up doing well on the festival circuit.


Director: Sean McClintock
Character Designers: Timo Prousalis, Diego Abad, Sean McClintock
Designers: Sean McClintock, Timo Prousalis, Diego Abad, Angie Yeun Son, Matt Deans
Lead Animator: Timo Prousalis
2D Animators: Diego Abad, Ryan Musselman, David John Reyes, Reza Iman, Travis Schmidt, Kavan Magsoodi, Sean McClintock, Lauren Cash
3D Animators: Travis Schmidt, Ryan Musselman, Sean McClintock, Paul Wei, Anthony Palermo
Technical Direction: Ryan Musselman, Travis Schmidt
Storyboard Artists: Diego Abad, Timo Prousalis, Matt Deans, Sean McClintock

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