Wealthsimple: Dependants

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Project Summary:

I worked with with the talented animator Sam Crees on this Wealthsimple spot.  It was a challenge animating so many snakes but the final product came out great.  This spot aired during  Superbowl 2021 on Canadian TV.


Director: Matthew Swanson, Epoch Films
Cinematography: Christian Sprenger
Editor: Pamela Petruski, MackCut
Sound Design & Mix: Sam Shaffer, MackCut
Music: Jacob Adler, Performed by Shea Marshall
VFX, Color, Animation, and Finishing: Blacksmith
VFX Supervisor: Tom Bussell
CG Leads: Olivier Varteressian, Tuna Unalan
Animation: Sam Crees, Paul Wei
Rigging: Ohad Bracha
Lighting: Jon Parker

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