Xiidra: Not Today

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Drive Dry Eye Away

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Project Summary (Not Today):

I worked with the very talented artists at Nathan Love on this fun spot for dry eyes.  It had a pretty tight deadline, but I had a lot of fun and learned a few new tricks from working with some veteran animators.

Project Summary (Drive Dry Eye Away):

I  worked with Jabimation Studios and Nathan Love and was in charge of repurposing and revising the original animation to create this second spot in the Xiidra series. 


Production Company: Nathan Love

Agency: Arnold Worldwide

Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara

Executive Creative Director: Joe Burrascano

Producer: Allison Robinson

Director: Anca Risca

Art Director: Tim Probert

Design: Tim Probert, Asher Horowitz, Sam Feske, Jesse Aclin

CG Lead: Michael Marsek

Character Modeling & Shading: Pedro Conti

Hair & Groom: Jin Fang Jiang

Hair Simulation: Jordan Blit

Environment Modeling & Shading: Michael Marsek, Laney Lai, Pedro Conti

Rigging: Rijah Kazuo

Animation Lead: Jordan Blit

Animation:  Doug Litos, Paul Wei

Lighting Lead: Mirelle Underwood

Lighting: Laney Lai, Michael Marsek, Jin Fang Jiang

Motion Graphics: Sam Feske

Compositing: Jeff Dragon, Matt DeFranco

Editing: Sam Feske

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