Nespresso: Vacation

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Project Summary:

I worked with 2 other animators on a series of 4 Nespresso live action spots.  We worked on the previs so the director and set designers could figure out the sizes of the set elements and lensing for the shoot. 


Director: Arnaud Boutin

Cinematographer: Matthew Smith

3D Artists: HeeJin Kim, Paul Wei, Gary Laurie

Compositors: Kirk Baldin

Colorist: Seth Ricart, RCO

Art Director: Daniel Uribe

Designers: Shalinder Matharu

CG / VFX Supervisor: Russ Wootton / Elad Offer

Editor: David Cea, Tyler Byrnes

CCO: Jonathan Notaro

Lead Compositor: Elad Offer

Animators: Michael Kelly, Pete Germano, Naoko Hara

Assistant Editor: Matt Anderson

Managing Partner: Devin Brook

Head of Production: Julie Shevach

Producer: Adam Coffia

Audio Mixer: Conrad Sangunieti, Honey Mix

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